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New Badge Now Available: The Nominal Sentence and the Concept of Agreement
Posted on Thursday, December 06, 2012
Another badge is up for grabs for the new course "Pronouns, The Nominal Sentence in Arabic and the Concept of Agreement." Continuing from the previous course on phrases, this gives you the tools by which bricks can be made into short walls.

This course has a whopping 200 points and great new lime coloured badge. And learnarabic.commers are already sending in desperate emails, wanting the next badge. Well, its there and for the taking.

On the Leaderboard this week, asad656, (the warrior from the far east) is still maintaining a 1600 point clear lead. sarahs still holding that second position and remaining in third is haadiyah who still needs to work on those badges. Notable entries into the top ten are abu_suhayl, abu.haneefah and umm_khayr, and below the top ten we have a lot of new entries. Let's see if they can hit the top ten. Here are positions 11-20, they deserve a mention:

ummisa, arnal99 (what happened, cold weather slowed you down?), umm_eesaa, umm_ayishah, bintabdillah, dawud45, bintsalem11, abaumayr, ajan777 and nazir.7.

All in all, we are seeing fierce battles, and there is a clear thirst for badges and points. The only issue is how quickly we are able to get these badges out there. This takes time folks, so please, have patience!

If you haven't already joined, now is your time, register now! The more you delay, the more you will remain a loser, trailing behind the motivated and dedicated ones. Badges and course points mean credibility. Alongside badges and course points, you can also top up with activity points (short simple exercises), this way you can easily creep up on your competition. The rush continues...

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iqrahiqrah 17 badges 24035 pts
abdurraheem1 13 badges 14115 pts
umm_khayr 17 badges 14005 pts
ummzainab 17 badges 13475 pts
sarahs 17 badges 10810 pts
b.imraan 24 badges 10550 pts
haadiyah 13 badges 9030 pts
asad656 16 badges 8330 pts
muhaasib 16 badges 7555 pts
ummsalamah1 23 badges 7150 pts
Total badges earned:5232
Total course points:671250
Total activity points:220475
Total overall points:891725
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