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Leaderboard Shake-Up: Fierce Competition Changes Performers List
Posted on Saturday, November 17, 2012
Another 24 hours later and we have a huge shake-up. The top ten has seen a big transformation and a determined lone-warrior from middle Asia has taken top spot in no time, in only a day of activity.

Shooting straight up to the prized number one spot is arnal99, currently with 705 points. He has earned the current maximum 8 badges and 650 points for the Arabic Alphabet category, and is now hitting the activities hard to maintain his lead. Trailing behind in second place is saaliha with a respectable 7 badges and 50 activity points (well done kiddo, but you need that final 8th badge and some more activity to get your top spot back). Other top-ten newcomers include hodan89 and abdul-wahid.

These are only early days and we are only dealing with the alif-baa-taas (ا,ب,ت), so its easy to flex muscles at this stage. When the new courses drop (inshaa'Allaah) we will see the wild lions of the African jungle separated from the domesticated cats of the rural English village. That's when the realities will become clear.

If you haven't registered yet to participate, you risk remaining a big loser. Jump in and join the adventure right now! Learning Arabic sharpens the mind, increases your nobility, and best of all, gives you understanding (فقه), of the deen! And on top of all of that, its adventurous fun as well!

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