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zarazzaq is mastering arabic! 8 badge(s) + (825 cp) + (25 ap) = 850 Joined: 05, Jan 2013 • Age: 19-25 yrs
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The Arabic Alphabet
A Visit to the Wonderful Land of al-Makhaarij
Earned on 05, Jan 2013
      200 points
The Written Alphabet
Earned on 06, Jan 2013
      100 points
Arabic Letters Are Easy!
Earned on 06, Jan 2013
      100 points
From Letters to Words!
A Brief Introduction to Basic Morphology (الصرف)
Earned on 07, Jan 2013
      100 points
The Arabic Vowelling System: Part 3 - Shaddah (الشدة), Long Vowels and Dipthongs
Earned on 08, Jan 2013
      75 points
Your First 100 Arabic Words!
Earned on 10, Jan 2013
      100 points
The Definite Article (التعريف) and Sun and Moon Letters
Earned on 14, Jan 2013
      50 points
From Words to Phrases and Sentences
The Simple Phrase in Arabic and the Concept of Agreement
Earned on 17, Jan 2013
      100 points

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