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Arabic Alphabet Activities

These are all the activity pages which you can participate in and which contain audio. However, it is strongly recommended that you watch all of the video presentations because they contain very important foundational knowledge about the Arabic alphabet which you must be aware of. Please visit the beginner courses section.

These Are the
Main Characters

Meet the Alphabet Letters
Your Personal
Alphabet Book
Letters Change Shapes!
Your Written
Alphabet Book
Written Letters

These Are Basic
Vowel Sounds

The Fatha (َ-)
The Kasra (ِ-)
The Dhamma (ُ-)
The Sukoon (ْ-)
The (ن) Sound
at End of Words

Tanween (ً-)
Two Fathas
Tanween (ٍ-)
Two Kasras
Tanween (ٌ-)
Two Dhammas
The Shaddah and
Long Vowels

The Shaddah (ّ-)
The Long Vowels
The Dipthongs
Time to Play and
Earn Points!

The Letter Match Game!
Match Letter Shapes!
Write Arabic Letters!
Playtime! Letters
To Words
Big Enough For
Words Yet?

First 29 Words!
21 More Words
14 People Words
16 More Words
The Final 20!
Sun & Moon
Write Arabic

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The Arabic language is the key to an authentic understanding of the Quran and Sunnah upon the way of the predecessors. Our mission is to teach Arabic morphology, grammar and the Arabic verb system to everyone, everywhere in a fun, easy-to-understand way!
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